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The Paradoxical Return of the Feminine:

Journeys to Raise Awareness and Create Peace

Is Peace Attainable? In our most recent book, Jeannette M. Gagan, PhD provides the answer. This book sings yes from every page, emphasizing the power of feminine energy and providing a variety of concrete ways both men and women can cultivate feminine energy in their lives.  Chapters begin with raising awareness; practical steps follow, illuminated by the author’s narrative of personal transformation. 

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Journeying, by Jeannette M. Gagan, PhD

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Grow Up Your Ego

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From the fertile ground of psychology and the historic matrix of shamanism comes this daring and pioneering template for healing. This book will be of interest to anyone invested in healing—from seekers to practitioners. Included are case examples illustrating the psycho-therapeutics of journeying. Journeying helps readers understand both similarities between psychology and shamanism as well as how the shamanic practice of journeying can further the psychological process of healing client wounds.


This groundbreaking guidebook provides in-depth descriptions of the ten stages of ego growth as well as concise explanations of the scientific studies that validate ego growth. Frequent exercises, review sections, and illustrations support and encourage readers to locate themselves along the growth spiral and chart a path toward growth and fulfillment.

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Review for The Paradoxical Return of the Feminine

Encouraging and wise, Dr. Gagan offers possibilities to both men and women to find that depth of the feminine in all of life that can return compassion and peace in fuller measure to our world.

Cecile Carson, MD
founding board member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners

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